Website Providing Custom Cycling Clothing

New website providing all forms of cycling clothing A new website, has been launched, that provides cyclists with custom cycling clothing, including cycling jerseys and other such gear. The website aims at providing custom cycling clothing for new teams or even new riders. All teams and riders need to have a jersey of their own and this jersey needs to be different. These people, who are in need of some custom clothing, can head to the website. The website takes orders from people who want custom jerseys. This order will then be placed with the art department of the website, which will talk to the client and design the jersey according to their needs and wishes. When the client approves of the jersey, it would be made in the quantity expected. There is no minimum order, so one could just get a jersey for themselves. People who are shopping with this website can either opt for semi- custom jerseys or fully custom ones. In the semi- custom option, one would have to just choose the logo or the team name and send it to them. They will design the rest of the jersey along with the chosen logo. One would just have to choose the template for this. The fully custom cycling clothing design would take a little while as well. One could send them a photo of the kind of jersey they want, provide them with a rough sketch or even an idea. The latter would mean more responsibility for they have to design the whole thing. The company caters to professional teams, school and college teams and individual riders. One could get all their custom jerseys, clothing and even bike shorts from the same store. There is no minimum order size or price either. The company offers express delivery for free across many countries, some of which are USA, Canada, Australia, UK, etc. The estimated shipping time for almost all the places are between 3-5 days. One can always head to the website gear4cycling to see what work they have done before, for it would clear one's mind and help them decide whether they want to work with this company or not. If one has any further custom cycling jersey doubts, it would help to contact the website, MEDIA CONTACT Website: Contact:
Jikle Bytia
11040 Manchester Road, Suite 200 St. Louis, MO 63122 USA
(314) 822-3735